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The famous technology is already on everyone's lips: ultra-thin, flexible and even transparent screens. But we know what exactly this technology is? What advantages does it entail? It will be among us in the near future? In our blog we try to shed some light on your questions.

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When we have to choose a large format screen many times we wonder which kind of technology we should opt, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each, and which one best fits our needs. In this article we reveal some criteria to consider to facilitate this choice.


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LED’s have been present throughout our lives, for some people more recently than for the others, but they have been always there. We have seen them on remote controls, on ON/OFF pilots in electrical appliances, and even on a toys that we could have had as a children. And perhaps our question is: Why now the “Boom” of the LED screens if they were created long time ago?

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Any advertiser requires transparent and consistent reports that help you know, during and after the campaigns, the efficiency of its commitment to a particular format or advertising medium. And to get transparent, solid and reliable information it's necessary to measure.

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