IEPE-Telefónica DooH Network - Madrid and Barcelona Metropolitan Areas

Pantalla Led en Circuito Publicitario IEPE-TelefónicaTelefónica has relied on Led&Go for the deployment of an advertising DooH Network based on Digital Billboards with LED technology for IEPE, one of the leading companies in the Spanish advertising industry. The project includes 18 digital billboards, in a first phase, to be installed in strategic locations of Madrid and Barcelona. Digital Billboards are 60 m2 Outdoor LED screens with DIP technology and 20mm resolution.

Category: Outdoor | Size: 60 m2 | Pitch: P20mm 

IEPE is one of the leading outdoor advertising companies in Spain. It has more than 1000 billboards on the top of a monopost, and 1200 more billboards in other formats.

The focus of the company is to deploy DooH Networks for advertising purposes within the major cities of the Spanish territory, comprising mainly: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville.

Always towards the advertising industry trends, IEPE has committed to the development of an Advertising DooH Network, consisting of large format LED screens and therefore has the confidence of partners such as Telefonica and Led&Go for the full development of the solution and services.

With the development of this ambitious project, the IEPE DooH Network will become the one with largest coverage nationwide and is expected to transform the Spanish advertising industry and definitely boost the emerging and promising digital technology into the advertising industry in Spain .

The technological solution is based on 60m2 LED screens with DIP technology and 20mm resolution. The design of the screens and structural elements contained developments and improvements of all the previous experiences, delivering this way a unique product and a reference in the sector.

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