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Outdoor LED screens are aimed at large formats and pixel pitch greater than 10mm, being able to reach up to 20mm. This type of media is characterized by two aspects of relevance:

  • The first is the brightness, in locations with high incidence of light, the solution must achieve a minimum of 7,000 nits (depending on pixel pitch and technology) to provide high contrast content and showmanship. These solutions often use DIP (Dual In-line Package) encapsulation technology in which each of the RGB components are made up of one or more LEDs, capable of offering a greater light intensity per pixel
  • The second aspect that characterizes an outdoor solution has to do with the protection levels of the elements of the screen, including protection against external elements such as water, dust and shock.
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We design, manufacture and install LED screens and curtains for indoor or outdoor applications in sectors such as advertising, retail, sports, entertainment, signage, information, etc.. More...


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