Outdoor Rental LED Screen for Cruzcampo - "La Roja's Heart" Campaign

Pantalla Led Outdoor de Gran Formato en campaña Cruzcampo El Corazón de la RojaCruzcampo has trusted Soportes y Medianeras and Led&Go the centerpiece of his "La Roja's Heart" campaign which is a Large Format LED Outdoor Screen located in a building at plaza Jacinto Benavente in Madrid, where Cruzcampo meets his Spanish Football Team Fan Club to track live "La Roja" participation on Brazil 2014 Football World Cup.

Category: Outdoor | Size: 40 m2 | Pitch: P8mm

Led&Go with Soportes y Medianeras have come true, in a record three weeks time, the installation of a Large Format Outdoor LED Screen on the facade of a building located at Plaza Jacinto Benavente, in Madrid, where Cruzcampo deploys one of the elements of his ambitious "La Roja's Heart" campaign on the occasion of the celebration of the Brazil 2014 Football World Cup.

The Led&Go's Outdoor LED screen, with a 40 m2 surface, is perfectly camouflaged and integrated on the building facade. It has a SMD LED encapsulation technology, and a 8mm Pixel Pitch resolution.

It's remarkable the brightness requirements of the location, because in the early hours of the morning, when it receives direct sunlight, it needs up to 9000 nits to be properly displayed.

From the solution engineering point of view, it's remarkable the structure design which uses a scaffold -installed for the facade rehabilitation- to support the screen, which weight is about 45 kg per square meter.

Another important element is the Social Media integration, where fans in the Jacinto Benavente square can express and share -using hashtags- their feelings about the match they are watching.

The project, with a total duration of approximately one and a half months -duration of the Football World Cup- is another example of Led&Go's flexibility and adaptability to the needs of customer's marketing and communication departments as well as their creatives.

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