Pantalla LED Curva Carrefour AlcobendasIn collaboration with Spinmedia, Led&Go has installed in the Carrefour of Alcobendas a large curve Indoor ledscreen, located at the entrance of the TecnoSpace of the French company, giving visibility to the brand with the installation of this stand at the forefront LED technology.


Category: Indoor | Size: 7,68m2 Pitch: P10mm

Blanco Portada

Textile company Suiteblanco, has strengthened its presence in Spain, where it reached 121 stores with the reopening of its flagship store in Madrid Fuencarral street. For this opening, Suiteblanco has received Led & Go for the installation of indoor LED screen type and Pixel Pitch 5mm superficially located on one wall of the store.

Category: Indoor | Size: 5m2 | Pitch: P5mm



Circular Led Screen in La Vaguada Mall

With an innovation-oriented approach of its centers, CBRE Group has trusted in Led&Go for design, production and installation of an impressive Circular Led screen (annulus shape) who chairs the lobby of the Mall La Vaguada located in Fuencarral district, Madrid.

Category: Indoor | Size: 38m2 | Pitch: P7,62mm




showcase LED display in Mercado de FuencarralIn Fuencarral street, one of the most important commercial Madrid areas, Clear Channel has installed a showcase LED display with a size of more than 17 square meters. Designed and produced by Led&Go, and delivered and installed in record leadtime, it's an spectacular media format and generates high impact on the large number of citizens on the area

Category: Indoor | Size: 17m2 | Pitch: P6mm

mercat portada

Two Led Display have been installed in Les Glories Mall to promote the various spaces in the area of Mercat de Les Glories that opened in mid-September 2014, a media set manufactured by Led & Go that seeks to promote the image of the new zone

Category: Indoor | Size: 5m2 y 2m2 | Pitch: P4mm

Indoor LED Display in Parquesur Shopping CenterParquesur is one of the biggest and busiest shopping centers in Madrid. In one of the busiest corridors of the center  Led&Go installed a 12m2 indoor led screen with 7.62mm pixel pitch. With this LED screen, the center has its own DooH network, providing information and entertainment to its users

Categoría: Indoor | Tamaño: 12,65m2 | Pitch: P7,62mm



LED Screen in Parquesur Shopping Mall, LeganésParquesur is one of the largest and busiest Shopping Centres of the Spanish Capital. Close to the Center's Gate 8 a 17m2 LED screen has been installed, which seeks to impact shopping center users with dynamic and compelling content.

Category: Indoor | Size: 17m2 | Pitch: P7,62mm




Pantalla LED en Centre Comercial Les GlòriesWith a LED display of more than 18 m2, Las Glorias Shopping Center in Barcelona offers customers who visit high-quality images transmitted through SMD technology P10mm. A 16:9 screen embedded in the center facade, which, due to its strategic location, positively impacts on users purchase intent.

Category: Outdoor| Size: 18m2 | Pitch: P10mm



Pantalla LED en L'Illa DiagonalLed&Go has implemented for ImpactMedia a giant screen at the parking entrance of one of the most important shopping centers in Spain. The screen is a highly relevant advertising medium and is a pioneer in the deployment of digital media at the center.

Category: Indoor | Size: 18m2 | Pitch: P6mm




Pantalla LED en Suite BlancoThe renowned fashion brand has decided to locate in La Maquinista Shopping Center, one of the most important of Barcelona, its Flagship store, which will be a reference for future deployments of the brand. Committed to technological innovation, this shop has a 6mm Pitch hybrid LED screen with SMD technology.

Category: Hybrid | Size: 22,41m2 | Pitch: P6mm

Pantalla LED en Centro Comercial Splau de BarcelonaFour LED screens 28.42 m2 each, Pitch 20mm were installed on a 50 meters high Totem in one of the malls with more projection of Barcelona. A bespoke project where the requirement is continuity between the 4 sides of the screen which is achieved through custom modules as a 90° elbow.

Category: Oudoor | Size: 114m2 | Pitch: P20mm

Pantalla LED en Centro Comercial Splau de BarcelonaA Led Display located in the Splau! Chillout area, SMD Technology, Pitch 6mm, Outdoor and with dimensions of more than 9 m2 this screen offers great visual impact over a wide center's area which is used for public recreation.

Category: Oudoor | Size: 9m2 | Pitch: P6mm




Pantalla LED en Centro Comercial Príncipe Pío de MadridLed&Go, under a Telefónica's contract, installed a spectacular LED screen for advertising operation, which crowns the central hallway with access to the foodcourt and communicating with Principe Pio's exchanger, one of the focal points in the Principe Pio Mall transportation network of the city.

Category: Indoor | Size: 15,16m2 | Pitch: P7,62mm



Pantalla LED en Centro Comercial Parquesur de LeganésParquesur is one of the largest shopping malls in Madrid. With a LED display of more than 18 m2 presiding its large central lake, the mall has a great medium of communication and entertainment.

Category: Outdoor | Size: 18m2 | Pitch: P10mm





Pantalla LED en Centro Comercial La Maquinista de BarcelonaA customized LED screen installed by Led&Go in the crown of one of the towers of La Maquinista Shopping Center in Barcelona, consists of 54 modular LED panels designed to create a striking circular screen. A solution with SMD technology that impresses the large number of customers who visit the center each year.

Category: Outdoor | Size: 60m2 | Pitch: P20mm


Pantalla LED en Centro Comercial Habaneras TorreviejaInstalled in Torrevieja's Habaneras Shopping Mall, the more than 7m2 Led display is characterized by its quick and easy installation because is configured by a single unit which is anchored to the wall by chemical cues within hours.

Category: Outdoor | Size: 7m2 | Pitch: P6mm



Pantalla LED en Gran Plaza 2 - MadridThe latest and one of the most spectacular shopping centers in Spain has nearly 200 shops, presence of major brands and an area of  almost 80,000 m2, makes Gran Plaza 2 in one of the most important malls in Madrid. Three Indoor LED displays, with Pitch 6mm and SMD encapsulation are responsible for chairing the foodcourt area, which is one of the busiest of the Shopping Centre. The displays cover about 15m2 emitting advertising, promotions, sports events and activities, this is definitely a strategic point and an important asset recognized for Gran Plaza 2.

Category: Indoor | Size: 15,16m2 (x3) | Pitch: P7,62mm 

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